Caterina Sforza “the Lioness of Romagna” (4 days – 3 nights) - CODE: ISCSFRZ

Caterina Sforza

“the Lioness of Romagna”

(4 days – 3 nights)


between history and legend ...

A journey between fortresses and evocative villages of Romagna on the traces of the most famous, proud, sensual and warrior Countess of the Italian Renaissance!

The journey starts from Cotignola, birthplace in 1369 of Muzio Attendolo "lo Sforza" grandfather of Caterina and progenitor of the Sforza family.


It passes between various fortresses and villages, including, Imola, Riolo Terme, Bagnara di Romagna, Dozza and Castrocaro where ... the legend says that inside the fortress there is a well with razors in which Caterina Sforza precipitates uncomfortable lovers. Between battles and sieges, Caterina Sforza found time to take care of medicine, pharmacy, chemistry and perfumery, leaving us a book entitledExperimenti della excellentissima signora Caterina da Forlì that are still current today. And finally ... .. ends in Forlì with the conquest and capture of Caterina by Cesare Borgia.


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