CITIES AND COUNTRIES Lands of Art and Culture, to discover the places of the characters he made immortal in Their tragedies and Their loves.

"Terre di Dante" is our is Italy with its recognized excellence in the world, to be discovered and rediscovered with new eyes. Dante Alighieri lived here and here he found inspiration for his "cantos"; in 2021, 700 years have passed since his death and, not by chance, we dedicated an unprecedented and rich program to the Great Poet. Not only Dante, the list of great personalities known worldwide would be long; Italy has also been a land of great events that have marked history. We will suggest itineraries in the footsteps of the great characters: life, works, deeds and places of great events between past and present. We will accompany you with wisdom and curiosity, we will propose accommodations with a particular atmosphere and hospitality, restaurants tied to the identity of the places, where you will taste local products in every season.

Walking through the alleys of the villages, we will visit small and picturesque museums, we will advise you on the best craft shops that have made the "Made in Italy" famous in the world. A look at the present and the excellence that these lands can offer will not be missing. You can find all this in numerous and varied proposals of routes and individual stays or, if you prefer, in a group. Friendly advice, evocative narratives on a journey through culture, landscape and history ... we are waiting for you!